What does it look like when a mother and daughter sign up for a community pickleball class?



The funny thing is, this is what every community recreation class can look like! 

Our Inclusive Pickleball CHI initiative is making this the NEW REALITY!


Inclusive Pickleball

Pickleball is the fastest growing sport in the country and we are committed to making sure it is INCLUSIVE!


Rochester Accessible Adventures is partnering with  PICKLED POWER'S Bob Stokes, a regional pickleball instructor who understands the power of a game to bring wellness, inspire us to move, and develop community!


You will not want to miss out on this game!  A little like tennis (with a smaller court), a little like badminton, (with a lower net), and a little like table tennis (with a slightly larger paddle).  Pair all of that with a whiffle ball and you will find yourself LAUGHING, MOVING, and LIVING LARGE!

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