Inspiring Hope. Improving Ability. Rochester Accessible Adventures transforms recreation businesses to ensure individuals with disabilities are able to access inclusive active recreation and sports opportunities.









a revolution in inclusion When individuals with disabilities and their family and friends can recreate together, we know we are doing it right! RAA trains businesses to offer their services to everyone, including individuals with a variety of disabilities.Inclusion is a way of thinking...and acting.
Inclusion is the SMART thing to do.

Rochester Accessible Adventures is community based and community driven. We understand that real change happens through collaboration and we partner with businesses, municipalities, service providers, medical providers, and other nonprofits to ensure people with disabilities and their families have access to active, healthy lifestyle opportunities.

our executive director
Anita O'Brien, M.A., is a Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist with 20 years of experience working with individuals with disabilities.  She has lived in Rochester since 2000, working to bring opportunities in sports and recreation to individuals and families with disabilities and medical conditions.  Anita is passionate about building relationships within the community which serve to connect people with resources, change systemic barriers to recreation and sport, and inspire everyone to embrace inclusion.  Anita was recently featured in an article in the Rochester Business Journal.

our board
Rochester Accessible Adventures was founded in 2015 by a group of 27 Founding Members and a 13 Member Board of Directors who are passionate about real time access to recreation and sports for people with disabilities.

Nancy Steinkamp - Chair Wisdom Writing, Founder of SportsNet program

Ryan Chalmers - Vice Chair Director of Stay-Focused, Inc; Paralympian

Doug Westerdahl - Treasurer President of Monroe Wheelchair

Sue Shepard - Secretary Rochester Spinal Association

Simon Carson Chief of Occupational Therapy URMC PMR

Luticha Doucette Mayor's Office of Innovation & Strategic Initiatives

Lauren Lieberman  SUNY Brockport APE, Camp Abilities Director

Xavier Major  T.Y. Lin International, Rochester Wheels Coach

J.J. Mowder-Tinney Nazareth College

Jim Pergolizzi Bond, Schoeneck & King

Ryan Shear Rochester Museum and Science Center





"We are excited to introduce Rochester Accessible Adventures!  We look forward to partnering with you to powerfully impact our community and proactively shape the way we provide adaptive sports and inclusive recreation to our families and friends.  Come share in the adventure!"

--RAA Board of Directors

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SNP-Sled Hockey

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