community health inclusion (chi) initiatives

our chi initiatives create vital community energy to eliminate barriers to active lifestyles and promote health and wellness for individuals with disabilities and their families

creating accessible facilities

We train businesses and municipalities to operate inclusively from front end to back end whenever their doors are open...a model of true inclusion for our community!

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training in disability culture

Business operators must understand disability, disability culture, and best practices in engaging and sustaining relationships with individuals with disabilities

providing adaptive equipment

Having access to adaptive equipment along with standard equipment options is a critical link to individuals with disabilities and their families being able to participate together in recreation

regional resource network

RAA has a strong community network dedicated to ensuring individuals with disabilities have healthy, active lifestyle opportunities and are connected to the supportive resources they need.

  No matter the disability or medical condition, RAA's network partners together to get you where you want to be!

adaptive sports teams

RAA works with Adaptive Sports Teams to ensure long-term sustainability and development.  We provide teams with connections, opportunities for growth, and support crucial to their continuation.

RAA is committed to supporting teams which embrace ability, encourage individuals to reach their full potential, and create a safe and inspiring atmosphere for competition and recreational sports pursuits.


Rochester Wheels

Division III NWBA wheelchair basketball team practices locally, travels regionally, mentors youth, and promotes ability everywhere!

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Rochester Sled Hockey

Promoting recreational and competitive sled hockey opportunities for people with and without disabilities throughout the region!

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