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Watch The APACC -- Rochester's FIRST Adaptive Paddling and Cycling Center in Fairport, NY!


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We partner with Erie Canal Boat Company (ECBC) in Fairport, NY, to provide access to paddling and cycling for individuals with disabilities at The APACC.


With easy access to both the Erie Canal and the bike path, RAA and ECBC have created an accessible, friendly, safe environment for people to kayak and cycle with their friends and family.

Experienced staff and volunteers, a dock-mounted hoyer lift, floating docks low to the water, and a ramp entry all make ECBC a wonderful place to learn about adaptive kayaking equipment, try various paddling options, and explore the Erie Canal along Fairport's banks and beyond.

In addition, through community partnership and collaborations, RAA and ECBC provide experienced staff and volunteers for cycling clinics, riding groups, and adaptive bike rentals.  ECBC has a variety of three-wheeled cycles -- foot pedal and hand pedal options -- as well as the MonoMano, which provides wonderful one-handed controlling of the bike. Adaptive accessories ensure stability and greater control while riding.

CANALPALS -- Renters can take advantage of RAA's CanalPal program to request that a trained volunteer/staff person accompany you during your kayak or cycle rental time.  CanalPal's offer a fun way to stay active when you don't want to ride or kayak by yourself, and provide support with minding the traffic flow, keeping track of time, and a perfect social connection when you need it!  Simply request a CanalPal when you reserve your cycle or kayak (at no extra charge!)


Whether you want to kayak or cycle, the Adaptive Paddling and Cycling Center has experienced Staff ready to offer individualized assessments so you can find the right fit for YOU!  Contact us for more information about upcoming kayaking and cycling events, to donate to the APACC, or about becoming a Volunteer!


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EZ 3 Classic RED


EZ 3 Classic BLUE


Rover Terratrike Tadpole







Top End Excelerator




A Tandem Option!

The EZ 3 Classic

*RED and BLUE cycles are THE SAME!


The EZ Tri Classic is very comfortable with a padded seat and mesh seat back for good airflow.  The seat is high enough at 22 inches that getting on and off is relatively easy; it has a weight capacity of 300 lbs.  Handlebars can be lowered or raised to make steering and breaking the bike within comfortable arm range for many.  With three wheels, the trike has good stability and is easy to handle at various speeds with the 21 gear shifter, and it makes stopping to rest possible without getting off or putting your foot down!  Our EZ 3 Classics come with an adaptive foot pedal plate for added power and foot stability during your ride.




The Rover Terratrike Tadpole


The Rover is TerraTrike's number one selling trike. Featuring one of the strongest frames in the TerraTrike lineup, and a high seat position, the Rover is perfect for anyone who needs a sturdy, no-nonsense machine. The Rover is also TerraTrike's most versatile trike, ideal for riders with adaptive needs.  With steering and braking located comfortably by your legs, this trike is ideal for individuals with shoulder issues or those easily prone to fatigue from holding the arms up to control a standard handlebar.  The high mesh seat sits higher than many “tadpole” bikes and makes transitioning off and on a bit easier.  Adaptive pedal plates are installed to provide greater power and foot stability during your ride.  The Rover has a weight capacity of 400 lbs. 

The Top End Excelerator


Handcycling is a great way to have fun, get fit and stay active so you can enjoy life to the fullest – so get cranking. Stable, maneuverable and easy to transfer into and out of, the Excelerator Stock Handcycle can go up to 15 mph. It features a simple fore-aft sliding seat, uncomplicated adjustable footrest system and a straightforward crank height adjustment. 





The MonoMano is a fantastic adaptive bike created by students at the University of Rochester.  Designed to help address the needs of one side weakness, the MonoMano is mounted on an EZ 3 trike and bypasses the standard handlebars to enable individuals to control the steering, braking, and gear shifting with one arm/hand with easy centralized locus of control.  The MonoMano can be set up to provide greater control for either the Left or Right side. 

Our MonoMano trike comes equipped with adaptive foot pedals for greater power and foot stability.  The weight capacity is 300 lbs.





Tandem Options
Not yet available!

We will be offering a tandem option for riders, which will consist of two EZ 3 Classic trikes coupled together. Please stay tuned for this option!

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hand-adaptation-layer 16

seating-large-kayak seat


Accessories and descriptions provided through Creating Ability at are indicated below by the tag "from Creating Ability".

Paddle Pivot

The combination of our Universal Base with this pivoted paddle adaption allows one-arm control of the kayak. It also provides support to completely remove the weight of the paddle from the paddler's arms when using both arms. The pivot assembly snaps onto any paddle shaft. The paddle and pivot assembly lift out of the base for ease of entry and safety in the event of a wet exit. --from Creating Ability

Hand Adaptation

This back-of-the-hand grip is designed for use by those who have some hand function and can grip the paddle shaft on their own, but need a bit more support. The adaptation takes lifting pressure off of the fingers and places it on the arms. The height is adjustable and the end is open to allow for proper pressure without inhibiting release. --from Creating Ability

Basic Seat

Our Universal Paddling Seat was designed with one purpose in mind: to open the sport of paddling to everyone. Regardless of the level of support needed, the seat provides as much or as little as the paddler needs.

Each support point of the seat is able to be independently tilted, adjusted or removed to create a custom fit. All supports are cushioned with closed-cell foam and covered in breathable mesh fabric for maximum skin protection. --from Creating Ability

get ready for an adventure of a lifetime!