watch us create a revolution in inclusion as we transform recreation businesses to include people with disabilities!


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RAA partners with the community to ensure individuals with disabilities are able to access active, inclusive recreation opportunities with their family and friends


community health inclusion

Our CHI initiatives transform businesses to operate inclusively so that everyone can participate, including individuals with a variety of disabilities.  We create pathways to inclusion which enable people with disabilities, their family, and friends to access healthy, active lifestyles.

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adaptive sports teams

RAA supports adaptive sports teams and athletes in their pursuit of team and individual development.  We recognize their unique position in the community as athletes and mentors.  We are committed to long term sustainability and community development for K-12 and adults.

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regional resource network

We bring people and resources together by developing partnerships with community entities to collaborate in the sharing of information and ideas as we develop a more inclusive community.  Our Network  engages in annual events, quarterly meetings, and daily resource referrals to connect people and create change.


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making our community more fun

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Every dollar you donate today goes directly to help someone begin a new adventure!  Help us purchase equipment!  Help us train businesses!  Help us connect our community to wellness!

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what people are saying about our work


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"My mother was able to go biking for the first time in 20 plus years since having a stroke. They have several bikes at Erie Canal Boat Company in Fairport that she can use. We have used the tandem recumbent twice and had such a blast! The bikes are there all the time and we just called a few hours ahead and Peter had it ready for us. He is so helpful getting us all set up to go. Thank you so much for the work you do. We can't wait to go again! Can't say enough good things about this organization."

Traci W., Community member

"RAA is the best!  This weekend, my friend with a disability and I decided to go kayaking last minute...Thanks to Anita, RAA, and Erie Canal Boat Company, we had SO MUCH FUN and it was so easy to just show up and rent a kayak!  Hooray for inclusion!"
Karen G., Community member

"Since my injury, nearly ten years ago, I felt lost during the summer months. Now, I have kayaking. It is something new, a sport, skills to improve, and motivation to get in shape in order to be efficient.  This program has changed how I view the summer and provided me with a place of belonging. The APACC has introduced me to something that I now love. Thank you, RAA, for your dedication and passion for inclusion."
Nicole N., Community member

"Follow-up to one of the best days of my life, post-stroke:  I had such a great time [at the APACC OPening] Sunday.  I had resigned myself to a lifetime of sitting on the dock, watching my family on the water, and now I see that I'll be able to participate just like before!"
J.M., Community Member, Stroke Survivor, Pursuing an active lifestyle with family

"Everyone deserves a choice when it comes to taking part in recreational activities. Rochester Accessible Adventures is another exceptional example of inclusion in our community."
JoAnn Armstrong, RAA Board Member, Paralympian, Founder-Rochester Rookies

"A great organization that provides recreational opportunities to individuals and families."
Peter Abele, RAA Founding Member, Owner-Erie Canal Boat Company

"Great news for the community - a new adaptive sports organization has been created for people with disabilities and their families and friends to participate in. Having worked with Anita O'Brien in the past on another adaptive sports program, I know she has the heart, talent and leadership to make this organization meaningful to all adventurous souls."
Kris Bruneau, Marketing Consultant and Writer

"A great new organization in town that I'm proud to be a part of."
Simon Carson, RAA Board Member, URMC Chief of Occupational Therapy

"I am very pleased to continue to work with our wonderful community to create a revolution in inclusion -- so that we all can get out and play together with our family and friends."
Anita O'Brien, CTRS, RAA Executive Director

join us as we

RAA is committed to inclusion in recreation, seeking out partnerships and collaborative efforts which

can further the removal of barriers for individuals with a variety of disabilities and their families to

access active, healthy lifestyles. 

RAA is an advocate for inclusion with the national campaign, Commit To Inclusion.



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